Z - Start

X - Jump

C - Shoot

Left Arrow Key - Move Left

Right Arrow Key - Move Right

It's supposed to have game pad controllers, but I couldn't get consistent performance so I'll just leave this as an "undocumented feature".

What is Ms. Gelee?

Ms. Gelee is a 2d pixel-art action-adventure platform.  It was inspired by Kirby's Dream Land, Mr. Gimmick, and Mega Man X2.  My goal for this project was to make a deceptively easy adventure platformer with extra content unlocked by expert players (like Mr. Gimmick).  It has an attack mechanic used for exploring (from Mega Man X2) and a short any% completion (like Kirby's Dreamland).  It was intended to have four or five regular stages and 1 hidden stage unlocked by collecting all honeycombs.

I also drew some lesser inspiration from other games.  In stage 1, I really liked this stage in Donkey Kong Country 3 called Krack Shot Kroc, so I designed the chasing reticle as the boss trying to snipe you from afar.  In stage 2, I wanted to design a rotating tower like in Butter Building from Kirby's Adventure or the final stage of Battletoads, but I didn't have any success coding it.  

I would give it's current state to be about 40% done. 

Why did production stop?

Part of it is programming language choice, part of it is lack of motivation.

So when I started this project, I went with Javascript since it was what I worked with the most.  However, as the project progressed, I ran into issues with consistent controller behavior with joypad APIs and game deployment through Electron and NW.  The big picture is trying to make Javascript into something other than a behavior modifier for webpages.  

Motivation died out when the games stopped being exciting and people stopped streaming them on Twitch.  I used to watch speedrunners from these games and they were cool to watch when developing the game.  I used to watch CalebHart42, Hettfield and Tokyo for X2.  I used to watch Becored, Aquas, and cyghfer for Mr. Gimmick.  I also had the usual game development burnout and never recovered from it.


I did everything but the music, so I want to credit them here:

I realize some tunes have a noncommercial license so if I were to release it I'd change those songs.

Title ScreenPrincess Theme by Abstraction (
Stage 1Sanctuary by Abstraction (
Boss themePixel War 1 by Abstraction (
Stage 2Day 70 by Mark Sparling (
Planned Stage 3 themeKnife Woman by Cosmic Gem (

Source code is at

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